My first blog post!!!

Story about “Why I’m writing blog???”…

This is my first blog post and I opened this blog to maintain my Mozilla contribution story…

I’m not a blogger(Not interested in blogging). Reason is simple. I think, I don’t have enough English knowledge. I tried to write a blog many time. But I failed in all my attempts.

Laterally I came to the conclusion that “you are not fit to right a blog”.
So many years passed. Since 2012 I’m Contributing to all Mozilla l10n project. Get recognized many times. Due to my decision I didn’t record anything. I just shared that recognition content with my friends via mailing list. Even that mail also not contain English. 🙂

3 years passed. I finished my Under Graduate(2014 passed out), started my carrier as a Android Application Developer and now I’m a Mozilla Representative. At each and every milestone my friends advised me to write a blog. But they don’t know why I’m not writing blog. My inferiority complex not allowed me to write a blog. But now writing a blog is mandatory to be a perfect rep. So decided to write a blog.

Not worry about my language. Decided to write all blog post in English because now I’m ready to shoot inferiority complex which didn’t allowed me to write a blog. 🙂 🙂